Triple Tree Fly-in 2015

View from the main hangar events
Triple Tree Aerodome in Woodruff South Carolina is officially our first real fly-in with the new plane. We decided to take advantage of the nice weekend and meet our good friends and fellow RV-10 builders, Brian and Brandi, for a weekend filled with airplanes and camping. This was also our first camping trip as a family, and quite the learning experience. After one trip, we realized we need to make some changes. We're going to be selling some of our outdoor gear and replacing with some lighter weight and compact items instead. Justin and I will be doing some product research on this and get back to you with a review/update post down the road. We plan on doing a lot of outdoor adventures with this plane, so packing efficiently with the right gear is a must for us!

Once we landed, it was pretty crazy to taxi your plane all the way down a road and through the woods to camp. We finally met up with Brian, Brandi and their little baby, and we were ready to go exploring! Triple Tree has a wonderful little set-up with a nice pavilion/bar by the runway, a very nice bathhouse and wonderful museum behind the main hangar. The grounds were beautiful, surrounded by quiet woods. It's kind of crazy to think that our camp grounds are now flooded and completely underwater from the recent hurricane.

Walking along the runway

The pic doesn't do the sunset justice

Woke up to the sound of a cannon blast and our breath on this cold fall morning

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